Amour Interiors provide a professional specialist curtain making service. We hand make curtains and blinds on site in our custom work room and shop. We are able to transform anything from a small project to restyling a whole house with modern, classic to contemporary chic.

Examples of styling we can create are 

Pencil pleat
Pinch pleat
Tab Top &Tie style headings
Viols and many more.

Amour Interiors Pin Interest boards also show different headings and styling available. 

Curtains measuring guide

Width (all headings)
Measure the entire width of your pole or track. If you don’t have one in place yet, measure the width of your window recess and add 30cm

Drop (pencil & pinch pleat)
Measure the distance from the top of the track or if you have a pole, the bottom of the ornamental ring to 1cm above the floor (2/3cm if you have not yet had carpet fitted but intend to) or 4cm below the window sill.

Drop (eyelet heading)
Measure the distance from the top of the pole to 1cm above the floor (2/3cm if you have not yet had carpet fitted but intend to) or 4cm below the window sill.

Ready made curtains

We are also able to produce made to measure ready made curtains high offer a more budget curtain with no compromise on quality or style.



Amour Interiors offers a wide selection of blinds to suit all needs and budgets. Choose from a range of colours, staples, fabrics and finishes for your blinds.

Roman blinds
Wooden and metal blinds
Roller blinds
Vertical blinds
Pleated/ conservatory blinds

Blinds measuring guide

The first decision to make is, do you want your blind to fit inside or outside the recess? (Note: If the recess is less than 60mm (2.5") deep, the window opens inwards or there are other obstructions the blind may have to be fitted outside the recess, please call us first if this is the case)

Inside Window Recess (Recess)
Just give the width and height of the recess. We will make minor deductions to these measurements as necessary for the blind to fit in a recess of this size. N.B. It is advisable to measure the width in several places and you should of course quote the minimum width. (When measuring for roller blinds, please take the width measurement from the top of the window to ensure best fit)

Outside Window Recess (Exact)
Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side (suggested overlap is 60mm (2.5") each side) and at the top and bottom. Ideally, when raised, the blind should not obscure the window. 

Additional information when measuring for roller blinds. Please note that the cloth width will be 30mm (1.25") narrower than the overall size.

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